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New Leaves of Japanese Horse Chestnut [Kawai Gyokudō, 1956, from Kawai Gyokudo: in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of his passing] Thumbnail Images
6400 x 5152 px
The little fishes and Thumberline. [Charles Robinson, 1911, from The Fantastic Paintings of Charles & William Heath Robinson] Thumbnail Images
3464 x 4800 px
Plate 1 (He looked up at the broad yellow moon and thought that she looked at him.) [Jessie Willcox Smith,  from The Water Babies] Thumbnail Images
3512 x 4800 px
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The Maple Trees at Mama, the Tekona Shrine and Tsugihashi Bridge  [Utagawa Hiroshige, 1857, from Hiroshige: One Hundred Famous Views of Edo] Thumbnail Images
3844 x 6000 px
Plate 6 (The wind child blows the leaves around) [Sibylle von Olfers,  from The Story of the Wind Children] Thumbnail Images
4800 x 3924 px
LE LIERRE [Alphonse Mucha, 1901, from Alphonse Mucha: The Ivan Lendl collection] Thumbnail Images
3840 x 2811 px
LAURIER [Alphonse Mucha, 1901, from Alphonse Mucha: The Ivan Lendl collection] Thumbnail Images
3334 x 5000 px
Frontispice [Henri Rivière,  from Les Trente-six Vues de la tour Eiffel] Thumbnail Images
4800 x 3840 px
Untitled (Spider’s Web) [Masuji Sakurai,  from Asahi Camera December 1939] Thumbnail Images
4208 x 4800 px
Snails [Kichinosuke Beniya,  from Asahi Camera July 1936] Thumbnail Images
3728 x 4800 px
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Plate 11 (An Elf Living in the Land of Sun) [Elsa Beskow,  from The Sun Egg] Thumbnail Images
4800 x 3348 px
Rosa Rugosa [Hiroshi Tojima,  from Asahi Camera September 1941] Thumbnail Images
4800 x 4176 px
Fine Day in Autumn [Takeuchi Seihō, 1936, from Takeuchi Seiho: Masterpiece Collection] Thumbnail Images
972 x 4800 px
Plate 3 (Daisies’ Tea Party) [Ernst Kreidolf,  from Flower Fairy Tales] Thumbnail Images
4800 x 2680 px
Plate 1 (Title Page) [Ernst Kreidolf,  from Meadow Dwarfs] Thumbnail Images
3876 x 4800 px
The Day Dream [Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1880, from Dante Gabriel Rossetti] Thumbnail Images
2764 x 4800 px
Autumn Leaves [Eisuke Takahashi,  from Asahi Camera May 1956] Thumbnail Images
4800 x 3172 px
Southern Magnolia Leaves [Rosō Fukuhara,  from Asahi Camera April 1937] Thumbnail Images
4800 x 3604 px
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