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“March, apply lipstick”, from the series the Collection of New Ukiyo-e Beauties [Kitano Tsunetomi, 1917-1918, from Kitano Tunetomi Exhibition: 70th anniversary of his death] Thumbnail Images
3052 x 4800 px
Woman Grimacing in Mirror at Baby on Floor [Kitagawa Utamaro, from Mary Cassatt Retrospective] Thumbnail Images
4304 x 6400 px
The Actor Ōtani Hiroji III in His Dressing Room [Katsukawa Shunsho, c.1782-1783, from Musees Royaux d’Art Et d’Histoire, Brussels] Thumbnail Images
3248 x 4800 px
Geisha’s agency [Kawahara Keiga,  from Catalogue of the Exhibition of Keiga Kawahara] Thumbnail Images
4800 x 2908 px
Ichikawa Ebizō IX [Ken Domon, 1951, from Fūbō] Thumbnail Images
3489 x 4800 px
Kitamura Rokurō [Ken Domon, 1950, from Fūbō] Thumbnail Images
3488 x 4800 px
Ayako Wakao (In the Studio Bus) [Ken Domon,  from ARS CAMERA December 1954] Thumbnail Images
3100 x 4800 px
Makeup [Kagi Mihori,  from ARS CAMERA December 1954] Thumbnail Images
3304 x 4800 px
Behind the Sscenes at a Fashion Show [Shinsui Tanahashi,  from Camera Mainichi June 1954] Thumbnail Images
4800 x 4040 px
Just Before The Party [Ihei Kimura, 1953, from Select Pictures by Ihei Kimura] Thumbnail Images
3496 x 4800 px
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Squeaking a Ground Cherry (Seven Fashionable Useless Habits) [Katsushika Hokusai,  from Meihin Soroimono Ukiyo-e 9: Hokusai II] Thumbnail Images
4028 x 6000 px
Jisei Bijo Kurabe (Contest of Contemporary Beauties) : Geisha of Edo [Keisai Eisen,  from The exhibition of Keisai Eisen : in memory of the 150th anniversary after his death] Thumbnail Images
3352 x 4800 px
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After a Bath [Kashō Takabatake,  from Catalogue of Takabatake Kashō Taisho Roman Museum] Thumbnail Images
4800 x 3864 px
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Ten Physiognomic Aspects of Women: Dyeing the Teeth [Utamaro Kitagawa,  from Utamaro – Ukiyo-e Meisaku Senshū I] Thumbnail Images
3200 x 4800 px
Une dame à sa toilette [François Boucher, 1738, from Three Masters of French Rocco] Thumbnail Images
4352 x 4800 px
Primping Geisha [Kiichi Shibuya,  from Asahi Camera March 1956] Thumbnail Images
3300 x 4800 px
At the Okiya [Kiichi Shibuya,  from Asahi Camera March 1956] Thumbnail Images
4800 x 2984 px
Woman Applying Make-up [Sōtarō Yasui, 1949, from Sōtarō Yasui: the 100th anniversary of his birth] Thumbnail Images
4404 x 4800 px
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