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Rural scene [Kawahara Keiga,  from Catalogue of the Exhibition of Keiga Kawahara] Thumbnail Images
4800 x 2844 px
The Chofū-Tame River and a Waka by Teika, from the Six Famous Rivers with the Name “Tama” series [Suzuki Harunobu, 1765-1770, from Musees Royaux d’Art Et d’Histoire, Brussels] Thumbnail Images
6164 x 8000 px
Eight Views of Korea : Hwahongmun Gate, Suwon [Hasui Kawase, 1939, from Kawase Hasui 130th Anniversary Exhibition Catalogue] Thumbnail Images
4092 x 6000 px
A Court-yard [Esaias Boursse, c.1660, from Vermeer and the Delft Style Exhibition] Thumbnail Images
3752 x 4800 px
Back-yard [Kihachiro Honda,  from ARS CAMERA December 1954] Thumbnail Images
3836 x 4800 px
Holiday [Kikuji Ishi,  from Camera Mainichi June 1954] Thumbnail Images
3916 x 4800 px
Composition [Shinta Nishioka,  from Asahi Camera July 1956] Thumbnail Images
3148 x 4800 px
Spa [Asakazu Konishi,  from Asahi Camera December 1955] Thumbnail Images
4800 x 3344 px
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Poem by Ono no Komachi, from the series One Hundred Poems Explained by the Nurse [Katsushika Hokusai,  from Meihin Soroimono Ukiyo-e 9: Hokusai II] Thumbnail Images
6000 x 3988 px
Record of a Life [Sanosuke Ando,  from Nippon Camera March 1956] Thumbnail Images
3292 x 4800 px
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THE WASHERWOMEN [Jean-Honoré Fragonard,  from Fragonard] Thumbnail Images
4800 x 3356 px
Plate 16 (The mother gives honey cookies after washing soot-covered clothes and scolding her children.) [Elsa Beskow,  from The Children of Hat Cottage] Thumbnail Images
4800 x 3440 px
The Ghat at Banaras [Yoshida Hiroshi, 1931, from Hiroshi Yoshida Exhibition – Refreshingly Original and Lyrical: A Master of Modern Landscape Painting] Thumbnail Images
4800 x 3128 px
Slum [Kaneo Kondo,  from Asahi Camera January 1940] Thumbnail Images
3720 x 4800 px
Old Age [Tsuneharu Yagi,  from Asahi Camera January 1940] Thumbnail Images
4108 x 4800 px
Rue Beethoven [Henri Rivière,  from Les Trente-six Vues de la tour Eiffel] Thumbnail Images
3872 x 4800 px
Children’s Corner [Hisao Nozaki,  from Asahi Camera March 1955] Thumbnail Images
4800 x 3876 px
Family Photo [Kouichi Araki,  from Asahi Camera April 1952] Thumbnail Images
4800 x 3880 px
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